The Attraction of Money – The ESSENTIALS

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Literally just copy and do what this says!

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“There are books… Which rank in our life with parents, lovers and experiences”.   Ralph Waldo Emerson

I can definately relate to Emerson’s quote above!  The information your about to read, Wallace Wattles and Bob Proctor’s The Science of Getting Rich Program, inspired by Emerson’s work ranks in my life as a top top favorite for me! A true classic that everyone should be given the chance to read and understand so they too can live the life they desire.  I am beyond blessed to have attracted this wisdom into my life and the GREAT news is, you just attracted it into your life too!!!



I called this page The Essentials because what I have written below, are some key essentials from The Science of Getting Rich Program that must be implemented to achieve your goals!

Clear Vision

I mean a crystal clear vision on what it is exactly you want! As much detail as possible!!! How much money exactly to the penny! What is the purpose for? What would you do with it? Why do you want it? How does it make you feel? When you achieve this goal how does the people you love around you feel? How do they benefit? How does the whole world benefit? It really is One Love 11 11


Clear means SPECIFIC!!! If someone asked you what your goal was without thinking about it, it should come out of your mouth! There should be no hesitation! It should be very matter of fact! See yourself having it! Enjoying it! Appreciating it!!!! Being it!!!!

“Those who cannot tell what they desire or expect, still sigh and struggle with indefinite thoughts and vast wishes” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mental Focus

Most of us have a lot of mental noise, a chatter that seems to continually run on auto pilot. And in this day in age we have soooo many outside influences affecting what we think about all day long, from the news, radio, TV shows, magazines, and countless of “other people’s” opinions and perspectives. That is a lot of information and energy that filtrates our consciousness on a daily basis and thus affects our thoughts, vibration, and what we attract into our life.  Unfortunately a lot of the time these thoughts are not congruent to what we really want, our vision, goals and dreams.

So we MUST consciously Focus on our vision and goals! If we let those “random influenced” thoughts dominate our consciousness then that is what we will send out vibrationally and then see around us, BUT if we can FOCUS on our vision and our goals than almost miraculously they’re brought into “our world” our reality.

And when I say FOCUS I really mean 100% Focus. So when we talk of mental focus it means thinking, pondering, dreaming, fantasizing ALL OF THE TIME on our goals! As soon as you wake up in the morning! When you go to bed at night! Sing your goal in your head! Repeat your goal in an affirmation, not once but ALL day long!  Post your goal where you can see it! You need to be in the energy, the frequency of that goal.  Mental laziness which is the lack of focus on what we want is what we need to conquer! And the good news is, it’s all up to the individual!!! No one actually can stop you because YOU have the power to choose your own thoughts!!!

The Emotional Feelings of Desire and Gratitude about your Goal/Vision

This is sooooooo important!!!!

So if everything is energy and energy vibrates at different frequencies that means in order to get the goal you must put yourself in the same fequency as your goal. Your FEELINGS must vibrate at the same frequency as the desired outcome. Some say well I don’t have such and such goal yet so how can I be in that frequency? GREAT question!! I am going to assume that if you have a goal or a vision for yourself it’s something that genuinely makes you happy! Puts a smile on your face! Makes you excited!!!  So if you can see yourself in the END Result of having or achieving or acquiring that goal, that will put you in a state of gratitude and appreciation.  And some people might still have issues with seeing themself at their desired outcome so in that case if you just look around in your life there are soooo many things we can find joy and gratefulness in. For example finding and marrying the love of your life! Or having a baby! Or petting a puppy or eating your favorite dessert, watching your favorite movie, doing your favorite hobby, all of those things will inspire feelings of gratitude, joy and appreciation so then once your in that state of vibration then FOCUS your attention on your goal in that state.

Or just look at these cute pictures of true love, they can’t help but make you smile!


 Thought + Emotion = ATTRACTION

The stronger your emotions the faster you can attract your vision or goal into your reality!

Helpful Tip

Limit the number of goals! Focused attention on 1 or 2 very very specific goals vs spreading your energy and attention in too many different directions.

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